Friday, February 10, 2012

Why do kids need art?

Welcome to the Parkside Arts Council Blog page!  In the coming weeks and months, we will use this page to communicate the importance of art in our community, share ideas and also many upcoming classes and events! 

What is art?  Art is made by people to help communicate ideas, to express feelings and to give us products and objects that are well designed.  As humans, it is a primal need to be able to celebrate, show personal expression and to communicate.  These basic needs are satisfied through art.  So why do kids need art??  Art education is about much more than just putting paint on a canvas.  Art helps a child with perception and reflection, both sensory and emotional, it also prepares them to be aware, curious and critical observers of what is around them.  A child may not grow up to become an artist as an adult, but the skills that they develop through creating art will be used in many ways in their adult lives!  Setting goals, productive work habits and just pure imagination will go a long way in what ever career choice they do make!  Art is our first language~before the written word, pictorial hieroglyphics were created to communicate to one another.  And it is through these traditions of artistic expression that children learn that we humans have a lot in common with one another, here and through out the world.  When a child is exposed to these traditions of artistic expression, they begin to develop different ways of seeing and responding to their surroundings and to the world.  The skills that art teaches are essential if we want our children to grow up to be responsible and caring, careful, creative thinkers, sensitive and tolerant adults!

One of our goals at the Parkside Arts Council is to try and fill in the gap left in our schools by the cuts made to most art programs.   Our 1st Kid's art camp currently happening on Saturday mornings has been well attended and is just the start!